MICCAI 2020 RibFrac Challenge: 

Rib Fracture Detection and Classification

This competition is part of MICCAI 2020: the 23rd International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention. This year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MICCAI will be held from October 4th to 8th, 2020 in Lima, Peru as a fully virtual conference. As part of the conference, the competition's organizers will host a workshop on the results of the RibFrac challenge. 

Program on MICCAI 2020 Satellite Event Day 1

This year, MICCAI 2020 (Lima, Peru) goes virtual due to COVID-19. If you have registered MICCAI 2020 Satellite Event, feel free to come to our virtual challenge workshop! 


Slides on Google Drive 

Solution short paper on Google Drive

Video recording on bilibili or YouTube:

  1. Welcome Talk by Jiancheng Yang
  2. Clinical motivation for RibFrac Challenge by Liang Jin
  3. RibFrac Challenge Setup, Rank & Results by Jiancheng Yang
  4. Solution for 3rdfor Detection & 2nd for Classification by DCC (Yongjie Xiao)
  5. Solution for 2nd for Detection by lungseg2020 (Pengfei Liu)
  6. Solution for 1st for Detection by eyoujun (Youjun E)
  7. Solution for 3rd for Classification by DeepBlueAI (Jianye He)
  8. Solution for 1st for Classification & 5th for Detection by xiangyy4 (Xiangyi Yan)
  9. Free Discussion by Speakers (in Chinese)